How do you shape mankind’s future, safely?


EAG Laboratories offers the broadest capabilities and largest capacity for aerospace materials and electronics testing of any scientific services company. Our scientists and engineers are experts at translating scientific questions into novel study designs and test systems, and have applied advanced analytical methodologies to answer complex engineering and manufacturing questions. We have solved complex failures of components such as aircraft fuselage, landing gears, gears and bearings, high pressure hydraulic hoses and fuel lines, turbine engines (compressor & hot section components),  turbine and compressor blades, propellers, hydraulic system/fuel lines, LVDT and temperature sensors and more.

EAG has supported aerospace innovation since the Apollo space missions. Our analytical tools and proven methodologies have contributed to the development of some of the most impressive aircraft, satellites and shuttle missions. We are ISO 9001:2008, ISO 17025, DSCC and ITAR certified, with reliability and qualification services following various MIL standards.

How do you drive precision and speed, and at the same time ensure safety and durability? Turn to EAG. WE KNOW HOW.


EAG offers a comprehensive suite of services to innovate new high-performance materials, test the reliability of aerospace electronic systems and investigate structural and metallurgical failures of aircraft.

  • Purity certification: comprehensive trace and ultra-trace analysis and chemical purity certification of raw materials in variety of physical forms (ingots, powders, flakes, wires, etc.)
  • Coatings analysis: depth-specific distribution measurements and full chemical survey characterizations of engineering coatings, including contamination
  • Ceramic matrix composites testing: CMC purity testing, reactivity at operating temperatures and outgassing assessments
  • Long-term QC/QA monitoring: for trace and ultra-trace level concentrations in raw materials (sulfur, phosphorus) with great consistency and sensitivity
  • IC and electronic system turnkey test services: including selection of tester platform, hardware and fixture design, ATE test program development, and production testing
  • Destructive Physical Analysis (DPA) DPA testing is performed on materials used in aerospace, commercial, military, and government applications. As DLA (Defense Logistics Agency) certified for various MIL-STD testing requirements, EAG’s DPA capabilities include Fine Leak, Gross Leak, Die Shear, Bond Strength, P.I.N.D. Testing, Radiography, SEM inspection, Microsectioning, and DLA Certified RGA Testing.
  • Residual Gas Analysis (RGA) As experts in RGA, EAG not only provides internal gas and water vapor content in microelectronic components, but also troubleshoots “problem” internal gasses and provides corrective actions. We support MIL-STD-883, Method 1018 and MIL-STD-750, Method 1018.
  • Metallurgical failure analysis: fracture and failure modes and origins, fatigue and other slow crack growth mechanisms, brittle and ductile overload failures, stress corrosion and hydrogen embrittlement failures, corrosion/oxidation problems, contamination problems, wear failures, heat treatment problems, design/stress-related failures, plating problems
  • Litigation support services: related to aircraft and helicopter components. We have examined structural and metallurgical failures in many aircraft accidents for insurance adjusters, insurance companies, airlines and other entities.