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Animal Metabolism

EAG conducts ADME (adsorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion) studies with preclinical species (rodents, dogs, primates, and others) to support drug discovery and development regarding animal metabolism. These projects often begin with our radiosynthesis services.

Our Study Directors design and oversee the in-life stages at partner sites with AAALAC-accredited facilities that are vetted and qualified by EAG. Dose preparation, mass balance determinations, sample preparation, extractions, metabolite profiling, and unknown metabolite identification are performed by highly experienced scientists in EAG’s metabolism groups. Our scientists can also facilitate related services such as quantitative whole body autoradiography.


  • Radiolabeled and non-radiolabeled ADME studies – preclinical species or human clinical trial support
  • Sample preparation and extraction method development
  • Chromatographic method development
  • Radiochromatographic profiling
  • LC-MS/MS identification (including high resolution mass spectrometry)
  • Access to NMR
  • Proposal of metabolic pathways
  • Radiochemical or non-radiolabeled synthesis of drug and metabolites
  • Synthesis of stable labeled internal standards for improved quantitation by MS

Experts with significant publication records in drug metabolism