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Binding Assays

From IND-enabling studies to post-commercialization support and biosimilars, EAG offers both study design and a comprehensive range of biopharmaceutical analyses including binding assays  to support the drug development process.

Our biopharmaceutical experts are well equipped with state of the art instruments required to assess product potency, purity and immunogenicity. These studies are conducted in an environment that meets the strictest regulatory requirement.

Binding Assays

EAG Labs offer a diverse array of binding assays designed to characterize and quantitate pharmaceutical and biotechnology products. We have the capability to execute a wide range of high throughput assays with single plex and multiplex capabilities using absorbance, fluorescence, luminescence and chemiluminescence endpoints.

  • ELISAs
    • Antigen specific antibody titers
    • Antibody isotyping/subtyping
    • Ligand Binding Assays
  • Immunogenicity
    • Anti-Drug Antibody (ADA) Assays
      • Assay development
      • Screening and Confirmatory Assays
      • Neutralizing Antibody assays
    • Protein Identification, Characterization and Quantitation
      • Enzymatic Assays
      • Protein Expression Assays for both mammalian and plant based systems
      • Western Blotting, Immuno-precipitation Assays
    • Quantitation of Impurities
      • Host Cell Protein ELISAs
      • Residual Protein A Analysis
    • Characterization
      • Two dimensional gel electrophoresis/Western Blotting to assess immunocoverage
      • SDS-PAGE, Agarose for protein and DNA