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Erik Richman, Ph.D.

Senior Chemist

Contact:  250 North Nash Street, El Segundo, CA 90245 Phone:  310-322-2011 Fax: 310-322-2243 Email:

Dr. Richman received his Ph.D in Chemistry from UCLA.  Since 2008 he has consulted on Materials Science in innovations, characterization and failure analysis. He has gained experience in a broad spectrum of engineering materials including composite systems, engineering polymers, ceramics and glasses.  As a result, his experience spans from telescope components to adhesive systems, from high temperature nanodiamonds to optical thin films and from thermal conductivity to magnetism in anisotropic materials.

At UCLA, Dr. Richman taught Physical Chemistry and studied interfacial effects of amphiphilic self-assembly in nanoscale composite systems. At UO he has worked with toxicologists on environmental fate of nanoscale engineered materials. Although academically diverse, Dr. Richman’s efforts have nevertheless been highly relevant to advanced materials producing over 18 peer reviewed publications with an H value of 16 and over 1000 total citations. His focus is now on failure analysis and characterization consulting with EAG Laboratories as the Senior Chemist at EAG Los Angeles.

Utilization of the wide range of tools in the EAG Laboratories repertoire necessitates a deep knowledge for successful interpretation of results. Dr. Richman’s years of experience are a valuable asset in failure analysis investigations and method development for advanced materials. Often, his graduate studies and background in interfacial forces are exploited for in-depth examinations. The application of failure analysis and materials characterization during manufacturing can result in failure prevention, design modification and guide vendor or materials selection.

Seeking the root cause involves asking the right question and frequently requires a dynamic investigation strategy. Dr. Richman can systematically produce at key data for decision making.

In the area of electronics, Dr. Richman’s experience has found key applications in adhesive failures while in the area of medical devices, the focus has been with silicone products.


  • Postdoctoral Scholar UNIVERSITY OF OREGON, Eugene 2009-2012
  • D. Chemistry (Nanoscale engineered Oxide Thin Films): UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, Los Angeles, 2008.
  • Sc. Chemical Physics: UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, San Diego, 2000.

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