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Focused Ion Beam (FIB) Circuit Edit Testing Techniques

EAG’s FIB Circuit Edit techniques include the following processes, all of which can be performed with approximately 20nm accuracy:

  • Metal deposition
  • Dielectric deposition
  • Metal and dielectric etch; including material-specific chemical etch enhancement
  • Imaging of the device using the incident ion beam

These capabilities allow FIB to perform some key functions:

  • Circuit edit by connecting and cutting signal lines in order to modify the logic of circuitry.
  • Probe pad formation at specific locations by exposing the desired trace and connecting to a newly formed probe pad.
  • Increase or decrease resistance in a circuit.
  • Failure analysis: FIB Passive Voltage Contrast (PVC) defect localization is more sensitive and more reproducible than the corresponding SEM technique. When an interesting feature is observed, the FIB is capable of providing additional information to help determine root cause.
    • The defective region can be marked in the FIB for further characterization
    • The defect can be cross-sectioned and imaged in the FIB
    • The defect can be isolated by cutting the appropriate adjacent circuit components