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Field Management

EAG offers field-to-final report project management for studies to demonstrate human and environmental safety. As on-site study directors, our Field Managers bring decades of study design, protocol development, analytical oversight, and GLP/QA compliance expertise across a variety of field management study types. In addition, EAG’s access to a broad network of field sites across the United States and Canada ensures that we can deliver the test system, soil characteristics and geography necessary for just about any regulatory need.

With EAG, you benefit from years of experience managing multi-site programs, our strong reputation for meeting report deadlines, plus the convenience and comfort of working with one of the most well-equipped, experienced laboratories serving the agrochemical industry.

Study Types

  • Terrestrial field dissipation
  • Aquatic dissipation
  • Magnitude of residue and decline
  • Magnitude of residue in processed commodities
  • Field collection and residue analysis of pollen and nectar
  • Storage stability
  • Dislodgeable foliar residue
  • Turf transferable residue
  • Worker exposure/re-entry
  • Field accumulation rotational crops
  • Import tolerance