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Lighting & LED

EAG’s analytical support services for solid state lighting, including LEDs mean production cost savings, improved lot-to-lot product performance and accelerated product development. We provide world-leading support of research, development and fast-response production monitoring for LED manufacturing. EAG scientists are experts in the characterization of epitaxial films for identity, structure, grain size and orientation, composition, dopants and contaminants.

We also provide analytical support for LED R&D, including packaging development and contamination analysis, as well as burn-in and reliability testing to LM-80 standards.

How do I identify contamination in our LEDs? Turn to EAG. WE KNOW HOW.


We offer a broad range of analytical services developed exclusively for LED characterization. Our staff and instrumentation are ready to help with your R&D, process control, failure analysis and construction analysis needs.

  • Layer thickness and density determination
  • Full wafer layer thickness mapping
  • Stress in epitaxial layers
  • Crystalline orientation
  • Depth profiling dopants and impurities
  • Measuring layer thickness and composition
  • Controlling common impurities (e.g. H,C and O) in MOCVD epitaxy with very low detection limits
  • Characterization of crystal quality of AlInGaP and InGaN MQWs
  • Cross-sectional analysis of the structure of LEDs
  • Examining the cross-sectional structure of LEDs
  • Full reverse engineering of finished LEDs
  • Failure analysis
  • Identifying contamination, including both organic and inorganic materials in LEDs
  • Problem solving in adhesion of metal stack onto semiconductor material