Surface Analysis and Materials Characterization Expertise

International Minor Metals Conference (MMTA), 27-29 April, Toronto, Canada

Society of Vacuum Coaters, 28-29 April, Santa Clara, CA

SNEC PV Power Expo, 28-30 April, Shanghai, China

Ceramics Expo, 28-30 April, Cleveland, OH

Aeromat, 11-14 May, Long Beach, CA

Working Smarter Seminar, 14 May, Dallas, TX

CS Mantech, 18-21 May, Scottsdale, AZ

Shape Memory & Superelastic Technology Expo (SMST), 18-22 May, Oxfordshire, UK

The Materials Characterization division of Evans Analytical Group is the leading global provider of surface analysis and materials characterization services. Our international network delivers world-class analytical services directly to you. EAG's expertise in surface analysis, composition and contamination measurement, trace elemental analysis and microscopy can help you and your company meet your goals, no matter what high technology industry you work in.

Our staff and equipment are dedicated to one goal: to enable our customers to advance by providing the highest quality analytical results as quickly as possible.

From laser optics to medical devices, from raw materials to solar panels or high speed processors, our analytical expertise can help you develop new processes and materials faster, transfer those processes to production, qualify new tools, solve production problems, and much more.

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