Data Storage

contactusMagnetic disks and disk drive components, optical disks, flash memory devices, and other data storage media require state-of-the-art R&D to produce high reliability products. For over 30 years, Evans Analytical Group® (EAG) has dedicated instrumentation, research, and development efforts to the data storage industry, helping customers develop new techniques for analyzing contaminants and controlling quality.

Application Examples

  • Magnetic media failure analysis
  • High precision ICP-OES for sputter target composition verification
  • Lubricant thickness testing
  • Lubricant replenishment
  • Lubricant and additive identification
  • Overcoat characterization
  • Magnetic layer identification and thickness testing
  • Drive teardown and inspection
  • HDA failure analysis
  • Outgassing analysis
  • Organic contaminant analysis
  • Disk quality program
  • Operating drive contamination monitoring
  • Contamination analysis and materials characterization for flash memory devices


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