contactusEvans Analytical Group® (EAG) provides world-leading support of research, development and fast-response production monitoring for LED manufacturing. EAG is expert in the characterization of epitaxial films for composition, dopants and contaminants in both ultra-thin and thick layers, resulting in production cost savings and improved lot-to-lot product performance.

EAG also provides analytical support for LED packaging development and contamination analysis. Through our Microelectronics Test and Engineering division we provide burn-in and reliability testing to LM-80 standards.

Application Examples

  • Layer thickness and density determination
  • Full wafer layer thickness mapping
  • Stress in emitaxial layers
  • Crystalline orientation
  • Depth profiling dopants and impurities in AlGaInP and GaN epilayers
  • Measuring layer thickness and composition of AlInGaP and AlGaN films
  • Controlling the common impurities H,C and O in MOCVD epitaxy with very low detection limits
  • Characterization of crystal quality of AlInGaP and InGaN MQWs
  • Examining the cross-sectional structure of LEDs
  • Full reverse engineering of finished LEDs
  • Failure analysis
  • Identifying contamination both organic and inorganic contaminations in LEDs
  • Problem solving in adhesion of metal stack on semiconductor


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