Process Development & Process Monitoring

The analytical techniques and expertise available at Evans Analytical Group® (EAG) are suitable for more than just troubleshooting and addressing specific problems reactively, once they have occurred. They can also be used proactively, during research and development, to provide information on test or pilot samples as new processes are being developed. The use of good analytical experimental design early and often in the development cycle can avoid costly trial-and-error repetition and may uncover potential issues at an early process stage.

Once a process is up and running, EAG can provide ongoing monitoring during the production cycle, to help customers catch process deviations before they lead to potentially very costly manufacturing issues. Routine testing of production samples can help detect issues and quality variations in material suppliers, equipment vendors, and cleaning and maintenance procedures before they become major problems.

Potential Use Scenarios

  • Routinely monitor incoming material batches from suppliers before they enter production
  • Use routine analyses to monitor incoming and in-use solvents and chemicals
  • Monitor control samples to evaluate changing environmental conditions or contaminants in a production facility
  • Spot-check mid-production samples for characteristics such as layer thickness, doping uniformity, or the presence of contaminants
  • Compare new material parameters with an established baseline

Quality Assurance and the Production Process


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