contactusEvans Analytical Group® (EAG) is the world-leading materials characterization resource for the semiconductor industry. EAG was originally founded to provide analytical services to the semiconductor industry and we have stayed true to our roots throughout our lifetime. Our surface and bulk analytical services are dedicated to providing the best information to add value to our customers in this sector.

In parallel with the Materials Characterization division, our Microelectronics Test and Engineering division supports the testing of prototype devices in the ramp towards full scale production.

Our surface and microanalytical techniques are critical in the following areas:

  • Developing new processes
  • Characterizing ongoing processes
  • Reducing development time
  • Transferring processes to production
  • Ensuring the purity of starting materials
  • Qualifying new production tools
  • Solving yield-reducing production problems

Application Examples

  • Measuring the thickness, density, and composition of films
  • Assessing the cleaning efficacy by quantifying surface metals on Si wafers
  • Characterizing dopant dose and profile shape
  • Identifying and locating trace level impurities in semiconductor stacks
  • Examining the cross-sectional structure of IC's
  • Identifying particle contamination
  • Identifying organic contamination on Si wafers
  • Visualizing film morphology
  • Identifying wafer haze and discoloration
  • Quantifying bulk dopants or impurities


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