Failure Analysis Services

EAG offers IC failure analysis services in support of our client's need to achieve high quality and reliable electronic products. Our commitment to this goal is demonstrated either by providing services designed to complement and supplement our customers' internal capabilities or by providing a source for comprehensive IC failure analysis support. EAG has optimized service offerings to provide our clients with maximum value by leveraging advanced analytical techniques capabilities and proven investigative methodology with broad engineering knowledge and expertise. EAG is the leader in providing such a breadth of services, and is unmatched in accessibility through fully integrated laboratory locations around the world.


The Labs of EAG possess a comprehensive array of advanced tools and techniques available for performing failure analysis on integrated circuits and other electronic devices.


Our goal is to accurately determine the cause of the failure using our expertise in failure analysis. We have developed a failure analysis methodology that has proven to be effective and efficient, yet allows us to customize the process for your needs. We have several levels of service as well as a-la-carte techniques that you can choose from. We can guide the investigation and select the right advanced failure analysis tools and techniques ultimately arriving at the answer you are looking for. This coupled with our expert interpretation helps provide insight into the investigation and cause of the product failure.

Levels of service

  • Technique only - This is a focused approach designed to include one or more specific analysis techniques to understand, characterize or determine a defined task/need.

  • Level 1 - The scope of the analysis includes failure verification, non-destructive package integrity examination and internal visual examination.

  • Level 2 - This stage of the investigation uses fault isolation techniques to localize the failure to a specific site on a sample, providing valuable information pointing to a design, product, or package issue.

  • Level 3 - The scope of this effort incorporates designing and applying the appropriate failure analysis methodology to physically identify and characterize the failure mechanism and ultimately determine root cause.


EAG builds strong relationships and confidence with our clients, starting with engineer-to-engineer interaction to discuss and understand your goals, objectives and urgency. We understand the challenges and difficulties with leading edge technologies. EAG engineers are knowledgeable in today's advanced product technologies and are experts in IC failure analysis. EAG's network of laboratories ensures we can provide the best analysis techniques and expertise to help solve problems, leading investigations for a wide range of technology disciplines and industries.

  • Devices and Technology: ASIC, discretes, passives, RF, Advanced CMOS, III-V, GaAs, LED, Solar cells

  • Product Life Cycle: Design debug, Reliability Foundry, Package assembly, Final test yield, Field / Customer return

  • Systems Level Analysis: Parametric test, PCBA, Solder joint integrity, technical consultation

  • Construction and Competitor analysis

  • Counterfeit / Authenticity

  • Materials analysis, Cross sectioning, Tear down

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