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Plant & Animal Metabolism

EAG provides a broad array of GLP-compliant plant and animal metabolism services required to demonstrate safety, distribution and metabolism of chemical substances. Our scientists apply decades of experience and state-of-the-art instrumentation to deliver sensitive, robust methods, reliable data and repeatable results. This includes study protocol development, preparation of radiolabeled test substance formulations, homogenization of collected samples, total radioactive residue determination, extraction, radio-chromatographic profiling, isolation and identification of metabolites. Our team of organic synthesis chemists is ready to prepare radiolabeled test substances, stable labeled analogs or postulated metabolites as reference substances for the studies.

Plant Metabolism

EAG conducts GLP compliant plant metabolism studies that include target crop and confined rotational crop studies with radiolabeled test substances.  Study Directors coordinate the in-life portion of all plant metabolite projects growing and caring for the test plants throughout each study, in addition to preparation of radiolabeled test substance formulations, performing the appropriate type of application of the radiolabeled test substance and collection of tissue samples at intervals from application through harvest. The in-life portion of plant metabolism studies can be conducted in outdoor plots or a greenhouse in either EAG or trusted partner facility.  A wide variety of plant species can be tested. Collected study samples are then processed and analyzed by EAG scientists to determine the nature of residues in plant matrices.

Animal Metabolism

EAG conducts GLP compliant animal metabolism studies in rodent (rat, mice, etc.), livestock (lactating goat, hen, swine) and fish.  Comparison of metabolites of test substances in a variety species (mammalian and aquatic) are performed using in vitro incubation with heptatocytes/S9 fractions. EAG’s Study Directors oversee the in-life portion of animal studies at either EAG or at our trusted partner’s facilities. EAG scientists then process and analyze collected samples to determine the nature of the residues in these animal matrices.


  • Nature of residue – plant
  • Confined accumulation in rotational crops
  • Nature of residue – livestock
  • Bioaccumulation in fish and metabolism in fish
  • Rat ADME
    • Metabolism of test substance in rats
    • Pharmacokinetics
    • Tissue distribution
    • Bile cannulation
    • Dermal absorption of pesticides
  • Multi-site GLP experience/expertise
  • Comprehensive plant/confined rotational crop studies
  • Animal metabolism studies: rat, goat, hen and fish
  • In-house custom synthesis of radiolabeled compounds (14C, 3H), stable labeled analog compounds (13C, 15N, 2H) and metabolites
  • Full analytical support
    • Determination of total radioactive residues (TRR)
    • Extraction of radiolabeled species
    • Mass balance
    • Extractions and hydrolysis of conjugates/separation of matrix components
    • Profiling and identification by comparison to authentic standards
    • Confirmation of identification of metabolites by GC-MS and high resolution LC-MS/MS and NMR
    • Proposal of metabolic pathways