Engineering Sciences

EAG Laboratories provides a range of specialized engineering services to accelerate product release, address capability and capital equipment gaps, solve manufacturing problems and manage risk. We offer the broadest the most comprehensive range of microelectronics services of any commercial organization  with large scale brick and mortar install base of systems and tools and the engineering expertise to design, develop, test, analyze, and debug the most innovative technologies and products

Product Innovation & Improvement

Investigation & Troubleshooting

Quality Assurance

  • Burn-in & reliability qualification
  • Process monitoring /quality control
  • Rapid independent verification of internal lab results
  • Custom product qualification plan development
  • We follow JEDEC, MIL-STD, AEC industry standards and customer-specific requirements

Regulatory Compliance

  • Our robust program includes certifications from ISO 9001, ISO 17025 and DSCC.
  • We are ITAR compliant with U.S. export regulations.

Manufacturing & Supply Chain Support

  • 24/7 test and production capability
  • Supplier qualification
  • Failure Analysis
  • Yield Improvement
  • PCB design and assembly
  • Counterfeit investigations


  • Product liability, intellectual property and insurance claims
  • Critical review and interpretation of technical data
  • Expert opinions and deposition/trial testimony

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