Prototyping Design and Development

In the diagnostic and medical devices design and development stage, there is excitement to see and feel the generated prototypes. Materials selection and device engineering are crucial elements to generate promising prototypes.  During the design and development phase, engineers are evaluating materials, performing preliminary performance testing, and developing future safety testing strategies.

Initial chemistries, materials and components  selected during the device development phase require preliminary testing to evaluate properties and plan safety testing. The prototypes can be variations on existing products to improve performance or can be completely new technologies. EAG Laboratories has experience in testing materials and evaluating prototypes for medical device and diagnostics companies.

Our scientists and engineers have evaluated the following types of medical devices and diagnostics:

Additionally, our scientists and engineers have access to a wide range of analytical capabilities including:

We recognize the importance of developing the right medical devices design testing program and have technical experts available for discussion.   Please call us at 800-366-3867 to speak with one of our scientists about your study.


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