Medical Devices and Diagnostics: Design Verification and Validation

During medical devices verification stage, prototypes are challenged to evaluate preliminary safety and effectiveness. A significant amount of testing and evaluation is performed to study the device. EAG has broad range of analytical services and capabilities to support companies in the medical devices verification and validation stage with materials characterization, reliability testing, supplier qualification and selection.

Initial production batches are generated during this phase for evaluation. EAG Laboratories has experience in evaluating chemical characteristics of key elements in the device or diagnostic product.  Customers have come to our scientists and engineers to understand:

An understanding of chemistry, materials and components combined with exceptional materials characterization expertise is required for successful diagnostic and medical devices verification programs.  We have extensive experience in:

We recognize the importance of having a broad range of capabilities combined and have technical experts available for discussion.   Please call us at 800-366-3867 to speak with one of our scientists about your study.


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