Particle Identification for Pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceutical particle identification challenges can be difficult to solve. Particulate material commonly shows up in pharmaceutical raw materials, in-process samples, and finished products. Understanding the identity of the species is required to determine root cause and evaluate potential corrective action. We have developed micro-analytical methods using a combination of organic characterization and surface analysis techniques to provide insight into the chemistry.

Particulate matter can exist as inorganic/metallic or organic based. We identify organic particulates using a combination of FTIR microscopy, Raman microscopy, XPS/ESCA, and/or TOF-SIMS. The combination of analytical techniques can provide useful insight into the chemistry of the particulate. Additionally, inorganic/metallic particulates can be characterized using XPS/ESCA, Auger Electron Spectroscopy, SEM/EDS to provide elemental information and additional speciation.

Our customers value the scientific interaction they receive during project scoping and discussion of pharmaceutical particle identification projects. Contact us at 800-366-3867 or complete our Request a Proposal/Quote form today.

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