EAG Laboratories Launches New Laboratory in China

EAG Laboratories proudly announces the launch of a new laboratory in China dedicated to improving materials, products and electronics. Newly built in Shanghai, this facility brings the most advanced imaging and surface analysis expertise and technology to China, providing manufacturers with direct access to scientific expertise in the analysis of physical structures, chemical properties and composition of materials.

The new lab offers advanced microscopy capabilities in TEM (FEI Themis Z) and Dual Beam FIB (Helios G4 HX & UC FIBs).  For supporting advanced R&D, the Themis Z aberration corrected TEM is capable of ultra-high energy resolution and ultra-high sub-atomic spatial resolution for imaging and chemistry (EDS & EELS).  These state-of-the art tools, along with EAG’s specialized team of highly trained and qualified staff can apply these techniques to the most complex investigations involving materials and electronic products.

In addition, the new lab broadens EAG Shanghai’s capabilities in Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS). SIMS is a very powerful technique for dopant characterization, contamination measurement, dielectric film analysis, etc.  We have installed a new PHI ADEPT 1010 SIMS tool which is optimized for high depth resolution analysis of semiconductors, thin films and bulk insulators.  Applications range from ultra-low energy ion implants in Si to dopants in compound semiconductors to gate dielectrics to glass surface corrosion.

EAG Laboratories strives to maintain the highest quality standards in delivering technically superior analysis, with well trained and qualified personnel using the most advanced Instruments. Additional techniques available through our new facility and network include GDMS, RBS/HFS, TXRF, XRD/XRR, AES, SEM, EDX, and more.

Contact Rakesh Kumar, General Manager, +86-21- 68796088 for tours of the new facility and service inquiries.

Puhe Square

177 Jiangkai Lu. Minhang District


About EAG Laboratories

When it comes to understanding the physical structure, chemical properties and performance of advanced materials and integrated circuitry, no other scientific services company offers the breadth of experience, diversity of analytical techniques and technical ingenuity of EAG Laboratories. We deliver multi-disciplinary, problem-solving expertise to help our customers accelerate innovation, ensure quality and safety, and protect intellectual property.

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