Avian Toxicology

The world’s premier avian toxicology laboratory, EAG designs and conducts customized acute reproduction and toxicity studies to evaluate pesticide hazard to avian species.

  • Acute oral toxicity – including sequential LD50s
  • Subacute dietary toxicity studies – including passerines
  • Pathogenicity and toxicity studies for the testing of biopesticides
  • Food avoidance/repellency studies with treated seeds and granules
  • Reproduction studies (over 500 conducted)
  • Adjusted designs to address specific risk assessment issues
  • Studies to screen and/or test for potential endocrine effects
  • Multi-generation reproduction studies with endocrine endpoints
  • Hen delayed neurotoxicity studies
  • Poultry feeding and metabolism studies
  • Residue and metabolism studies in avian species
  • Chemistry support
  • Custom-designed studies

In addition to commonly tested species such as northern bobwhite, Japanese quail (Coturnix), mallard, zebra finch and canary, we have deep experience working with a variety of domestic and wild species, including chickens, pheasants, house sparrows, pigeons and partridge.

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