Assays & Bioassays

EAG’s biotechnology experts provide a vast array of assays and bioassays for crop sciences.  Using techniques such as ELISA, PCR, SDS-PAGE, HPLC, cell culture/assays and Mass Spec, we design and execute a variety of assays independent of the matrix. From seeds to roots to fully grown plants, our scientists elucidate the expression of the target gene or protein and characterize functions of the protein, providing invaluable assistance to clients.

  • Protein and Gene Expression Profiles: EAG scientists utilize a variety of assays to determine where and to what extent the proteins of interest are expressed. Matrix effects and less specific antibodies are both issues our scientists routinely troubleshoot. In addition, gene expression can be used to support the protein expression profiles and determine if the protein may be expressed in any additional tissues later in the development of the plant.
  • Protein Characterization: We have experience characterizing the proteins produced in multiple crop species. With their expertise, amino acid sequences, post-translational modifications, stability, molecular weight, and many other characteristics can be assessed.
  • Enzymatic Assays: Determining the function and specific activity for a protein requires extensive knowledge of a variety of enzymatic assays and kinetics. Our experts perform those assays and can calculate specific activity for a variety of assays. RNase activity, sugar or lipid content, and oxidase assays are only a few of the possibilities.
  • Interaction of Molecules: EAG scientists routinely study protein-protein and protein-nucleic acid interactions.  Identifying changes to the interaction of a target molecule in the presence of certain chemicals further characterizes the trait and helps clients make more informed decisions about additional testing that may be required.
  • Stability of Proteins and Enzymatic Function: When developing methods for enzymatic assays and protein expression profiles, the stability of a protein is often included. We test stability of protein by activity as well as concentration. A variety of temperatures and conditions can be tested; ensuring data covers several potential questions.

Our team of biotech experts brings over two decades of protein science experience to the design, development, and validation of assays.

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