Residue Analysis

EAG’s chemistry experts bring extensive experience designing and implementing studies to evaluate the safety, distribution, and metabolism of pesticides and other chemicals in soils and plant tissues.  HPLC, Scintillation Counting, and Mass Spec are the primary analytical techniques for residue analysis, though other tools and instruments are available as needed. They deliver unmatched analytical expertise from early phase testing of potential metabolites to identifying the bioaccumulation of chemicals in various matrices.

We help clients trace the progression of their chemical and its metabolites through various stages of the plant and into the soil, identifying potential concerns with the safety and distribution of the chemicals.

  • Bioaccumulation and depuration: EAG scientists have experience extracting chemicals from several stages of the plant life cycle.  The amount of chemical is determined from each stage and tissue using one of our analytical techniques. Depurination of nucleic acids can also be traced.
  • Radiochromatographic profiling: Our experts synthesize radiolabeled chemicals and then can trace the profile of the chemical as it is metabolized using radiochromatographic profiling.  Chemicals are tracked using scintillation counting and chromatography so that the entire profile of the chemical can be determined.
  • Isolation and identification of metabolites: We develop robust methods to detect and identify all metabolites of a chemical in a variety of matrices, including animal tissues. These methods can then be transferred or used in subsequent metabolism studies.
  • E-fate: EAG scientists have unparalleled experience in identifying and quantifying the fate of test substances in soil, water and other complex environmental matrices, complemented by our in-house radiolabeling and structural elucidation expertise.
  • Residue analysis: We also offer the crop protection industry unparalleled method development know-how in the challenging discipline of residue chemistry, along the full complement of ground and surface water monitoring, dislodgeable foliar residues, magnitude of residue analyses, as well as worker and domestic exposure studies
  • Product chemistry: Our scientists provide the physical and chemical analyses required to characterize agricultural chemicals and their degradants, with ample capacity for storage stability studies

Our team of scientific experts brings over two decades of chemistry experience to the distribution, safety, and metabolism of chemicals and their metabolites in plants.

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