Environmental Toxicology

Understanding environmental toxicology, the impact of chemicals in the environment involves more sophisticated test systems, instrumentation, and scientific talent than ever before—particularly when addressing the complex regulatory questions facing our customers today.

EAG Laboratories has brought together the most respected brands in GLP-compliant environmental science, offering the gold standard for environmental toxicology services. With over 140 years of combined experience, EAG’s four environmental testing locations (formerly known as Wildlife International, PTRL West, PTRL Europe and ABC Laboratories) deliver aquatic, avian, and terrestrial toxicology services in  GLP-compliant environments.

Our full complement of aquatic ecotoxicological testing provides the specific, acute and chronic data necessary for for global product submissions to FDA, EMA, EPA and OECD. Static, semi-static and flow-through test systems with stringent environmental monitoring and control are in place to provide a wide variety of testing capabilities for both freshwater and saltwater test requirements. We also provide in-vivo studies required for endocrine disruptor testing on amphibians, birds, fish and invertebrates.

EAG’s expert terrestrial toxicology testing services assess the acute and chronic effects of chemicals on birds, earthworms, honeybee and select non-target insects, in GLP-compliant environments.

Our scientists have unparalleled skill in performing avian acute and reproduction studies, as well as the ability to develop and conduct specialty studies designed to meet client-specific needs for avian toxicology. In addition to northern bobwhite, Japanese quail (Coturnix), mallard, zebra finch and canary, we perform studies with other species such as chickens, pheasants, house sparrows, pigeons and partridge.

EAG will help your company anticipate, interpret and comply with the emerging pollinator testing for honeybees and other pollinators. In October 2016, we opened a new dedicated pollinator testing facility in Gainesville, Florida. Our scientists are at the forefront of developing new techniques with expanded capacity and expertise to address Tier One and other laboratory based pollinator testing requirements. EAG pollinator testing capabilities include all six core studies required by the US EPA.

EAG Laboratories is now North America’s largest provider of environmental toxicology, fate, and metabolism testing required under the US EPA Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA), recently reformed Toxic Substances and Control Act (TSCA), and Endocrine Disruption Screening Programs (EDSP), as well as the European REACH program and many other global regulations. The recent appointment of Duane Huggett, Ph.D. as our Senior Scientific Advisor brings further expertise in environmental risk assessments, toxicology and environmental fate studies FDA, EMA, EPA and OECD. Dr. Huggett brings additional know how in endocrine (estrogen, androgen and thyroid) modulation and bioaccumulation assessments in wildlife.

How do you determine the environmental fate of a chemical substance? How do you measure below 1 part per trillion? How do you perform a study that has never been done? EAG KNOWS HOW to translate guidelines into study designs to deliver the specific, reliable data regulators expect.

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