Terrestrial Toxicology

EAG’s expert ecotoxicological and terrestrial toxicology testing services assess the acute and chronic effects of chemicals on amphibians, earthworms, honeybee and select non-target insects, as well as freshwater and saltwater invertebrates and fish in AAALAC-accredited, GLP-compliant environments.

EAG provides a full complement of ecotoxicological and terrestrial toxicology testing services required to demonstrate the specific, acute and chronic effects of chemicals on living organisms for global product submissions.

Our AAALAC-accredited laboratory provides testing of aquatic organisms under static, static-renewal and flow-through conditions with a wide array of freshwater and saltwater invertebrates and fish. In addition, our laboratory also supports testing of amphibians, earthworms, and non-target insects.

EAG’s sophisticated, self-regulating diluter systems and electronic monitoring assures stable aquatic exposures, ensuring valid test data generation. Our staff is highly experienced with testing low solubility compounds and other difficult to test substances.

Plants & Terrestrial Invertebrate Testing

  • Terrestrial Plant, Tier I and Tier II
    • Seedling emergence
    • Vegetative vigor
  • Higher tier terrestrial
    • Reproduction studies with biocides to ISO guidelines using Brassica fast plants
    • Reproduction studies with soybean to meet specific test requirements for sulfonyl-ureas
    • Raised bed and small plot testing for higher tier tests
    • Semi-field designs with larger pots, hardening of plants and different ages at application
  • Aquatic plants and algae
    • Acute tests with freshwater and marine algae and Lemna spp.
    • Myriophyllum testing and other species in development
  • Soil Invertebrates
    • Nitrification inhibition testing (OECD 216) and carbon mineralization (OECD 217)
    • Earthworm acute and (OECD 207) reproduction tests (OECD 222)
    • Non-target invertebrates for biopesticide registration

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