Cell Bioassays

Cell bioassays are among the most complex and sophisticated assays used to measure the biological activity of a molecule. Cell based assays are often the preferred choice to determine the activity of a compound, as they evaluate the physiological response of a product with the dividend of assessing functional activity. These assays are used throughout the development process; in early development as screening assays for viable compounds, in early phase product development and as validated assays.

Our diverse array of assays for mammalian cell cultures includes the ability to perform the following cell based assays and cell culture services using absorbance, fluorescence, luminescence and chemiluminescence endpoints.

  • Cell Bioassays
    • Potency assays
    • Ligand binding assays
    • Cytotoxicity & Cell proliferation assays, Antibody Dependent Cellular Cytotoxicity (ADCC)
    • Apoptosis
    • Cytokine assays
    • Neutralizing antibody assays
    • Toxin Neutralization assays
    • Activation of cell signaling pathways (e.g. phosphorylation, ubiquitination)
    • Cell migration assays
    • Reporter gene expression assays, including B-galactosidase, Luciferase, Green fluorescent protein and Red fluorescent proteins
  • Cell Culture Services
    • Derivation and characterization of cell lines and cell cultures
    • Development of primary cell lines
    • Generation of stable inducible cell lines
    • Mycoplasma testing of cell cultures
    • Cell Banking (in support of bioassays): Preparation, Characterization and Storage of Master and Working Cell Banks

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