How do you know you have a great science partner?

Let EAG Bring The Revolutionary Power Of Science To Your Business

How do you make a product better, easier to use or less expensive? How do you ensure regulatory compliance or strengthen your legal case? How do you bring powerful scientific know-how across materials sciences, engineering sciences and life sciences to your commercial challenges? Ask EAG. We Know How.


More than ever before, the world is experiencing a powerful convergence of science, technology and commerce. Great scientific minds are driving awe inspiring commercial initiatives, and companies around the globe are seeking the insight and competitive advantage that advanced science can provide.

With deep experience across materials sciences, engineering sciences and life sciences, EAG is at the forefront of this revolution, one that is changing the way products are developed, designed, manufactured and used by millions of people around the planet. EAG Laboratories brings together the most respected names in contract research and testing services to strengthen our multi-disciplinary expertise. So whether your challenge is to accelerate research and development, solve manufacturing problems or ensure compliance with industry and governmental regulations, there’s always one answer. Ask EAG. We Know How.

About EAG Laboratories

Our Mission

Enhance your commercial initiatives using the power of multi-disciplinary science. How do we achieve this? By answering complex scientific questions through creative problem-solving, objective analysis and expert data interpretation.

Our Viewpoint

We envision a world where people have everyday products that are much better, safer and easier to use. A world where companies can deliver products more cost-effectively, more rapidly and with less legal vulnerability. A world where the immense power of science has been brought to every commercial endeavor for the betterment of all.

You can be at the forefront of this revolution by partnering with EAG as your trusted and valued scientific asset for technical excellence, ethical integrity and groundbreaking innovation.

How We Can Help You

The critical advantage EAG brings to you is our exceptional range of multi-disciplinary scientific expertise. This enables companies like yours to utilize the power of EAG science across every stage of your product life cycle. This results in a seamless, holistic view of your entire initiative – bringing great efficiencies and product benefits that are far superior to a fragmented approach using different partners with disparate methods.

Here are some of the important ways we can help you across scientific disciplines including materials sciences, engineering sciences and life sciences:

  • Product Innovation & Improvement
  • Investigations & Troubleshooting
  • Quality Assurance & Quality Control
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Consulting & Litigation Support
  • Manufacturing/Supply Chain Support


You can be at the forefront of this revolution by partnering with EAG as your trusted and valued scientific asset for technical excellence, ethical integrity and groundbreaking innovation. As a scientific services company, EAG is always a catalyst for technical progress and a better future. But we also have deep roots in history.

From our humble beginnings over 30 years ago as Evans Analytical Group, we have been a company with a big global vision. That vision has been realized with our integration of many of the world’s leading scientific companies to form EAG Laboratories, a truly global scientific services company with offices, laboratories and partners throughout the United States, Europe and Asia.

But as we continue to expand and strengthen our capabilities, we remain true to our historical pursuit: to be the premier scientific services company in the world.