Analytical Expertise for the 21st Century

International Minor Metals Conference (MMTA), 27-29 April, Toronto, Canada

Society of Vacuum Coaters, 28-29 April, Santa Clara, CA

SNEC PV Power Expo, 28-30 April, Shanghai, China

Ceramics Expo, 28-30 April, Cleveland, OH

SETAC EU, 3-7 May, Barcelona, Spain

Aeromat, 11-14 May, Long Beach, CA

VOICE, 12-13 May, Santa Clara, CA

Evans Analytical Group® (EAG) is the world's leading, fully integrated, independent laboratory network, providing high value expert analytical and testing services to a wide range of industries and end users:

Materials Characterization: Providing surface analysis, microscopy and materials analysis to support high technology industries.

Microelectronics Test and Engineering
Providing electronic testing services to the electronics and communications industries.

Providing analytical chemistry, environmental fate and metabolism services for agrochemicals.

Providing in-depth analytical investigations and litigation support for a wide variety of industries.

SEAL Laboratories
: Providing failure analysis, solutions to complex engineering problems, and litigation support in the areas of metallurgy, electronics and chemistry.

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