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The EAG SMART (Spectroscopy and Microscopy Analytical Resolution Tool) Chart shown below offers a concise visual reference for comparing analytical techniques. Easily compare the detection limits and analytical resolutions of dozens of techniques used for materials characterization, evaluation surface analysis, purity surveys and more! Select a technique to learn more or contact an EAG Scientist. View our SMART Chart Webinar seriesGet the EAG SMART Chart poster-sized!

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FIB SEM SEM-CL TOF-SIMS Dynamic SIMS LA- ICPMS TXRF RBS XRF FTIR XRD XPS/ ESCA Raman SEM/ EDS Auger STEM/ EDS STEM/ EELS Atom Probe XRR DHEM Ellipsometry GDMS ICP Techniques GC-MS, LC-MS IGA IC TGA/DTA/DSC NMR GPC AFM TEM/STEM EBIC OP RTX Nanoindentation ETV-ICP-OES LIBS EBSD Elemental informationImaging informationElemental and imaging informationPhysical and/or optical propertiesThickness and density information Chemical bonding/molecular/structural informationElectrical (active dopant and mobility) information © 1995-2019 Eurofins EAG Materials Science. All Rights Reserved.

All Techniques

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