Litigation Support & Expert Testimony

When you need solid science and investigative engineering to address product failures, inform legal strategy, protect intellectual property or address product liability disputes, turn to EAG’s litigation support services. We’ve provided technical consulting, analysis and expert testimony for hundreds of cases involving the aerospace, transportation, medical device, electronics, industrial and consumer product industries.

How do I prove my client’s patent is being infringed upon? How do I determine the root cause of a product failure? How do I verify the chemical composition and characteristics of a finished pharmaceutical product match those approved by regulators? When a business’s brand and reputation is at stake, clients turn to EAG’s litigation support services for dependable scientific answers. Since 1959, EAG has provided scientific analysis and expert witness testimony for a broad array of intellectual property, product liability and insurance cases.

When you need solid science to inform legal strategy, protect IP, or defend product liability and insurance actions, no scientific services company has more experience than EAG. We have deep litigation support experience across an array of products and end markets, and we understand the importance of speed, effective communication, reliability and confidentiality this type of work entails.

Litigation Support

Help your clients protect intellectual property and trade secrets as they create new technologies and applications with EAG’s support. Our scientists provide data and analysis for patent applications and litigation for intellectual property disputes. If you need to replicate a patented synthetic process for a pharmaceutical, or determine if an engineering process infringes upon a patent, EAG scientists know how.

EAG scientists and consultants work with attorneys to evaluate cases for potential claims related to product liability, insurance, and infringement. We have extensive experience performing product defect investigations on aircrafts, automobiles, industrial, medical, and consumer products. Failure analysis, materials testing, metallurgical analysis, electronics testing and contamination identification have helped resolve legal challenges for manufacturers and distributors across many industries.

EAG can help ensure well-supported legal arguments with objective science, particularly when legal disputes focus on out-of-specification test results or contamination investigations. We also help design proactive testing programs to prevent potential failures and minimize risk.

EAG offers investigations and testing in FDA-registered, DEA-licensed and GMP/GLP-compliant facilities. Additionally, we are ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17025 certified. Our legal clients know they can rely on EAG’s high-quality standards and long history of regulatory compliance.

Legal clients turn to EAG scientists to validate the purity of supply chains and finished products, and to verify the authenticity of components sourced from different vendors. When no standards currently exist, EAG scientists have successfully determined root causes of multiple product failures and contamination issues.

EAG’s experience extends beyond the laboratory and into the courtroom. We maintain a team of litigation experts who regularly assist clients with trial preparation, depositions, and expert witness testimony. EAG scientists have extensive experience supporting cases involving intellectual property, product liability, and insurance claims, as well as evaluating the scientific validity of academic publications, media reports, and other claims for government institutions and private industry.

Our team of experts understands the legal process and your need for responsiveness, effective communication, scientifically defensible opinion and confidentiality. From professional consulting to data review to trial preparation and expert witness testimony, ask EAG.

For over 50 years, EAG Laboratories has helped clients assess the safety of consumer products being brought to market or already on the shelves.

EAG experts have provided scientific testimony in depositions and trials. We are skilled in explaining technical methods and results in clear and understandable terms.

As independent advisors, our industrial consultants bring new perspectives to product failures and challenging projects. EAG’s scientific and engineering consultants offer a creative and experienced perspective to complex situations. 

EAG’s intellectual property experts offer litigation support for patent infringement challenges related to chemicals, pharmaceuticals, semiconductor and consumer electronics/consumer products claims.

As product liability and failure analysis experts, EAG’s technical consultants bring years of experience investigating failures, providing scientific and engineering expertise, interpreting data and giving expert testimony for hundreds of product liability and insurance claims.

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