Product Liability

As product liability and failure analysis experts, EAG’s technical consultants bring years of experience investigating failures, providing scientific and engineering expertise, interpreting data and giving expert testimony for hundreds of product liability and insurance claims. We help protect your company’s brand and reputation when you’re faced with a crisis of potential product liability.

EAG Laboratories offers both testing and testimony. Our global scientific services include state-of-the-art analytical techniques for materials characterization, metallurgical analysis, chemical analysis, polymer chemistry and failure investigations. Our product liability experts deliver reliable data, clearly explained, in a format customized for legal applications.

EAG’s engineering and scientific consultants also provide opposing data analysis in determining responsibility for product failures and have served as counter experts in legal and insurance cases. 

EAG can arrange a laboratory facility for joint inspections in instances of destructive testing that can only occur one time. We also offer onsite sampling, chain of custody procedures and established protocols for sample storage and handling.

From investigating defective aircraft landing gear to determining cause of airbag failures to identifying a pharmaceutical contaminant, our product liability projects may include:

Product Liability and Failure Analysis Expertise

From design defects to manufacturing defects, our experts have experience analyzing chemicals, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, automotive, aircraft, children’s products, consumer/industrial products and more.

Airplanes: Air frame structures, landing gear components, wing structural parts, windshields, crankshafts, connecting rods, valves, turbines, propellers,  hydraulic/fuel lines, fuel control systems, exhaust systems, engine systems

Helicopters: Rotor blades, couplings, gears, tail rotor blades and castings

Automobiles: Mag wheels, brakes, lug bolts, steering column components, seats, seat belts, doors, gas tanks, headlights, air bags, tires

Motorcycles: Brake pedals, handlebar castings, gas tanks, wheels

Industrial products: Heavy machinery, farm equipment, tractor-trailers, high-tension wires, crane components, drilling equipment, machinery safety mechanisms

Household goods: Microwave ovens, lawn mowers, washing machines, glass bottles, ratchet wrenches, chairs, stools, ladders, hammers, cutlery, pressure cookers, toaster ovens, electrical components, gas and electric water heaters, computers, sporting goods, textiles

Medical products, medical devices: Breast prosthesis, crutches, heart valves, hip implants, scalpel blades, operating table mattresses, oxygen pumps, diagnostic instruments, malpractice issues

Plastic products: Children’s toys, molded products, rubber products, adhesives, plastic plumbing, foams, composites, packaging, plastic bottles

Paints and coatings: Architectural coatings, consumer paints, industrial coatings, automotive coatings, protective coatings, marine coatings

Food and beverage: Meat, dairy, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, candy, processed foods, packaging systems

Pharmaceuticals: Drugs, generic products, nutraceuticals, vitamins, other-the-counter products

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