Warpage Analysis

What is Warpage Analysis?

Warpage Analysis allows for measurement of warpage and deformation of products that are subjected to thermal stresses. This analysis produces a 3D topographical profile. Our new service can help at various steps of a product life cycle, including R&D, process control, design of manufacturing, quality control, and failure analysis.

A coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) mismatch in a device or PCB can cause deformation during the reflow process or thermal expansion during normal operation, which can cause failures at the interconnects.

Warpage Analyis allows for In-Situ warpage & deformation measurement.

TDM Technology from Insidix

EAG Laboratories has partnered with Insidix to provide a Compact-3 available at our Sunnyvale, California, facility. This TDM tool uses the fringe projection technology for non-contact, full-field acquisition of 3D topographies with submicron resolution. TDM technology allows our clients to understand and predict the potential of warpage variation of electronic devices during process steps such as reflow or the complete life cycle of the product. After analyzing a sample, the TDM software provides intuitive results in the form of 3D plots, vector diagrams and 2D profiles.

Warpage Analysis Standards

TDM currently complies with the following standards, and more will be added as we continue to work with our customers:

  • JEDEC 22B112A
  • MIL-STD-883G

Warpage Analysis Technique

TDM Technology uses phase-shifting projection Moire to provide a scalable high resolution and fast full-field optical measurement that is based on structured light projection. 

Included in the system are double-sided infra red heaters to provide three-dimensional uniformity with fast temperature ramping.

3D measurements over temperature profiles

Capabilities of Warpage Analysis

  • 3D topography measurements over temperature profiles
  • Submicron resolution
  • Temperature range from -65°C to 400°C using high homogeneity IR and convection sources
  • Samples from 0.5×0.5 to 400×500 mm with multiscale FOV
  • Able to measure discontinuous surfaces (e.g. multiple components on PCBA)

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