Warpage Analysis Webinar

In this webinar we introduce Warpage and Strain Characterization used for non-contact, full-field acquisition of 3D topographies. 

During packaging and soldering process, electric components are set under thermal stress that can lead to connection issues or material degradation with huge quality impact. If specific design and material selection can reduce this risk, it is necessary to characterize this risk by analyzing the warpage and CTE while reproducing these thermal conditions.
TDM technology allows to visualize component shape (warpage) and stress (CTE) during a temperature reflow (from -65 to 400°C) and may help the engineer to select the right design and adjust their processes during assembly.

TDM is a patented range of instruments for warpage analysis under a temperature profile, it uses the fringe projection technology (also called projection moiré) for non-contact, full-field acquisition of 3D topographies with a resolution as low as 1μm.

In this webinar, we will describe different case studies where warpage or CTE characterization could provide valuable information for process engineers or quality control engineers.

In this webinar we will cover:

  • Overview TDM technology and applications
  • Analysis of the different case studies
  • Case 1: characterization of BGA during soldering process
  • Case 2: strip global warp vs local unit deformation
  • Case 3: composite material characterization
  • Case 4: comparison of the quality of sockets from different supplier

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