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Developing a reliable product has many challenges due to the desire for increased capability, reduction in formfactor, and managing the supply chain. As technology continues to advance, there is also an increased expectation that any product purchased is both reliable and works as designed.

One Stop Shop

EAG has over 30 years supporting companies in the total product lifecycle from conception thru volume production. An example is our testing services which offer 24/7 production, pilot, prototype test and the capability to rent our tools for onsite program.

ATE Test
ATE testing

Managing the packaging process

Many of our clients are not aware that we can also manage the complete backend process where we receive a fabricated wafer ready for testing, perform electrical testing, return to assembly, and once returned, perform final test and QA.  We can then inspect, dry pack and place in inventory, and ship to your customers worldwide.

Contact EAG today to find out how we can be flexible in our offering to provide a strong integrated approach with failure analysis and debug tied to ATE test, reliability, ESD and materials characterizations.


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