Industrial Consulting

As independent advisors, our industrial consultants bring new perspectives to product failures and challenging projects. Eurofins EAG Laboratories scientific and engineering consultants offer a creative and experienced perspective to complex situations. You can be confident our investigations will identify a cause and solution, with recommendations for corrective actions to prevent future failures.

We take your problems seriously! Whether these problems are related to production materials or fabrication process, EAG can offer specific answers and total solutions.

Our broad spectrum of analytical techniques and consulting services provide the personnel and equipment to back up and support your needs in time-critical situations. 

EAG has a dedicated staff of Ph.D. chemists, metallurgists and engineers, including experts in the fields of:

There are only a few independent testing laboratories in the U.S. that can match the comprehensive array of advanced testing systems found at EAG Laboratories. This wide range of technologies permits the observation and recording of physical and chemical data over an extremely broad scale – from a few Angstroms to several centimeters.

EAG scientists and engineers bring strong analytical skills to your project. While many of our projects include a technical consulting component, we also offer consulting services as a stand-alone offering. From developing new methods to creating design of experiments, our independent consultants bring new perspectives and experiences valuable for problem-solving and product improvement such as:

  • Defining your manufacturing problem
  • Validating your manufacturing process
  • Working with your staff in problem-solving
  • Recommending different testing procedures or methods
  • Defining research protocols
  • Providing expertise in product or process development
  • Investigating a cause of product failure

Our consulting services take many forms, depending on the needs of the customer. When they are unsure of the type of help needed, we assist with defining the questions and determining what it will take to get answers. This consulting may involve:

  • Project design and development
  • Constructing the scope of work to solve the problem
  • Determining the correct scientific techniques to apply to the problem
  • Customized analysis
  • Assist in 510(k) submission
  • Leveraging our network of suppliers, laboratories and other consultants

From failure prevention to manufacturing/quality control to testing guidance, you can count on EAG Laboratories’ scientific consultants to solve difficult problems in your industry.

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