Trace Elemental Analysis

Do you know the chemical purity of your materials? Trace elemental analysis can tell you.

Determining trace and ultra-trace level chemical impurities, either with or without a full elemental survey analysis can address this question. Trace concentrations are typically categorized as mass fractions from 1 part per million (ppm) to 100 ppm. Ultra-trace concentrations are typically those whose mass fractions are measured below the parts per million levels.

Even presence of such small levels of unwanted contaminants may influence the characteristics of materials in terms of physical, electrical or other properties. Many stages of material processing have the potential to introduce chemical contaminations that can adversely affect the properties of materials and final products.

Trace elemental analysis lab at EAG

Controlling and understanding the chemical contamination impacts on advanced materials is of the utmost importance to today’s materials engineers and can be done by using trace elemental analysis. Systematic inspection of raw materials prior to production and ongoing testing during key phases of manufacturing can aid in the identification and elimination of sources of unwanted impurities in final products.

EAG offers numerous techniques to determine the trace or ultra-trace level impurities in a wide variety of advanced materials. By working with our customers, we develop the best methods that will provide the most relevant, reliable, accurate and reproducible data with quick turnaround time. Techniques of particular interest for trace element analysis include GDMSICP-MSICP-OESIGAXRFTXRF, Atomic Absorption and SIMS. EAG will help determine the right approach depending on your particular requirements and sample type.

Typical Trace Elemental Analysis Techniques

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