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Battery Analysis after Application/Use

Battery Analysis after Application/Use

Eurofins EAG Laboratories is your partner for battery materials testing throughout the battery life cycle. From raw materials to product failures, we can provide the data needed to help you provide top quality and high-performance products to market faster.

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Coatings Testing lab supports product testing and development

Coatings & Adhesives

EAG’s coatings testing lab provides deformulation, VOC EPA 24 testing, and other ASTM paint evaluations for product improvement and troubleshooting.

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Dye and Pry: BGA Dyed

Dye & Pry

Dye and Pry is an excellent way to inspect a large number of bonds (leads, solder ball, seals..) at one time

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LED Analysis Brochure header

LED Analysis

LED characterization, from process control to failure analysis to construction analysis, EAG Laboratories supports your LED analysis needs.

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Product chemistry services for GLP environmental studies from EAG Laboratories

Product Chemistry

EAG offers product chemistry services: physical and chemical analyses to characterize active ingredients, product components and degradants.

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Solar PV industry services from EAG Laboratories

Solar/PV Testing

EAG provides solar industry with expert analysis of material properties, composition and chemistry to improve supply chain and manufacturing.

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Technology Law

Technology law covers the use of technology and covers all of the ways that devices and methods of communication impact society.

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