30keV Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy

30keV STEM is one of the newest capabilities on our Verios/Magellan systems. Following sample preparation, we can utilize the STEM detector in our SEM systems to greatly reduce the turnaround time and provide 3Å resolution bright field (BF) and dark field (DF, ADF, HAADF) images

What are the ideal uses of 30keV STEM?

  • Quick large-volume profile check
  • Standardized against SEM measurement
  • Fills the gap between SEM and TEM/200kv STEM

Why use Eurofins EAG for 30keV STEM?

30keV Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy
  • Fast turnaround time (<24hrs)
  • 24/7 support on large volume submission
  • Can offer bright field and dark field images with 3Å resolution from same spot
  • Years of experience with different materials, feature types
  • IP secured production control
  • Seamlessly embedded in microscopy network
  • Dedicated team to support your projects
  • Compatible systems (4+) with sub-nanometer resolution

Would you like to learn more about 30keV STEM?

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