Raw Material Testing

From nanomaterials to architectural structures, high-purity metals and alloys are critical building blocks of many modern products: automobiles, semiconductor devices, aircraft, sputter targets, evaporation sources, magnetic media… the list is endless. Accurate and precise determination of chemical composition helps ensure you make the right materials choice for each application.

Metals chemistry support for mining materials analysis

EAG has bulk and surface characterization methods that can address these issues. Failures of materials can occur. A good understanding of the failed surface can help avoid future problems. The use of high resolution imaging tools can provide excellent information regarding failure mechanisms and the possible impact of contaminants and impurities on the failure. EAG has a range of tools and techniques available to address this.

How do we optimize our electropolished medical device for corrosion resistance? Turn to EAG. WE KNOW HOW.


EAG offers a comprehensive suite of services for the mining industry, meeting the industry’s exacting standards for tight controls of material properties, composition and chemistry. Here are just a few ways we can help:

  • Purity evaluations of precious metals
  • Determination and classification of unknown alloys
  • Conformance testing to international or industrial standards
  • Lot-to-lot material comparisons for quality assurance
  • Verification of purchased products
  • Oxygen content measurement and certification of oxygen-free materials
  • Comparisons of conforming vs. nonconforming materials
  • Process monitoring of dopant/additive levels
  • Certification of Pb-free solders
  • Examination of Grain size and structure and grain boundary analysis
  • Vendor comparison studies
  • Purification process evaluations
  • Surface cleanliness of metals to monitor cleaning methods
  • Thickness of surface oxide passivation layer in NiTi (Nitinol).
  • Concentration of toxic Ni at the surface of NiTi (Nitinol)
  • Thickness of surface oxide passivation layer (Cr2O3) on CoCr
  • Passivation layer thickness on medical implant materials (e.g. TiAlV)
  • Surface Pb concentration determination for biomedical applications
  • In situ fracture analysis of cleaved surface

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