Real Time X-ray (RTX)

RTX is a high-resolution 20-180 kV microfocus X-ray inspection system for real time inspection of electronic components, solder joints and metallurgical samples.

RTX uses high energy X-rays to look through samples and shows a density map of the device, click here to view samples of these images.  It is very useful for examining components not visible on the exterior of the sample: bond wires, die size, solder connections, and other components.

Ideal Uses
  • Non-destructive way to detect defects within a sealed device
  • Screening of production electronic components to military standards
  • Outstanding application for Failure Analysis investigations
  • Client witnessed live Radiographic Inspection
Technical Specifications
  • Resolution of 0.2 microns; beam voltage from 10-180 kV.
  • Three inch sample size capability in a single image. Larger samples require multiple images with maximum sample size ~22 inches square and larger with limited viewing areas.
  • Non-destructive inspection technique
  • 180 degree table rotation
  • 70 degree Detector tilt capability
  • Large sample size
  • Cannot resolve very thin separations, delaminations or micro cracks
  • Cannot see very thin separations like delamination or micro cracks.
  • Not good for very light materials.

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