Chemical Compatibility

Many polymer products and coatings are susceptible to various liquids and gasses they are exposed to during use. This can lead to rapid degradation or malfunctioning of the device. Is it worth taking the risk, or do you want to know the compatibility of your product with its environment?

The chemical compatibility team at EAG can help your company select “first time right” sustainable materials in product design and development based on risk assessment, perform materials and product testing and find the root cause of failure.

Chemical Compatibility

Chemical Compatibility Services

  • Selecting “first time right” sustainable materials
  • Testing material or product against possible harmful substances
  • Analysis of field failures
  • Consultancy
  • Our global collaboration with the major players in the disinfection industry provides us access to a large number of disinfectants

Testing activities may consist of various phases (depending on the product): 

  • Materials breakdown of the product/components and their requirements in various applications
  • Identification and categorization of the chemicals in contact with the product materials
  • Risk assessment
  • Definition of the proper test protocol together with the customer
  • Testing on chemical compatibility and reprocessing
  • Characterization of the test results, e.g. visual, light microscope, FTIR, SEM, mechanical testing, optical (discoloration, optical clarity, and more)
  • Reporting

EAG Scientists provide a customized, client-centered approach to chemical compatibility testing. Our scientists will ask questions about your chemical compatibility project in order to better understand and solve your issue. We will provide pricing and timing, in addition to sample submission instructions. We are committed to providing excellent customer service and solutions to your company’s difficult problems.

Typical Chemical Compatibility Techniques

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