Industrial Goods Testing and Analysis

Industrial goods testing from EAG helps companies create innovative materials and troubleshoot problems with industrial chemical products.

  • Looking for an industrial goods testing lab?
  • Require help with resin or polymer identification?
  • Do you need to determine the root cause of a failure?
  • Need to troubleshoot an adhesive problem?

EAG’s analytical chemists help solve challenging problems for manufacturers of industrial goods. These types of companies need to create reliable and innovative materials for a wide variety of end-user applications, such as construction, architectural, automobiles, computers, aircraft, textiles and more.

Deformulation laboratory

Our independent testing laboratory helps the industrial goods market with such issues as:

  • Identification of source of off-color in a packaging material
  • Investigation delamination of a coating from a construction product
  • Provide a complete formula breakdown of a plastic material for a competitive product analysis

We understand that the industrial goods market needs cost-effective support for innovation. Also, many companies seek to control their raw material costs or want for green manufacturing materials and processes. We can help with innovation and evaluation of new materials and new additives. Let us be an extension of your research and development team.

Beyond coatings, plastics and adhesives, we have also helped other industrial manufacturers solve challenging problems. Our scientists have analyzed materials for contamination, failures, or identifying component materials.

When companies want to control their raw material costs or seek greener manufacturing materials and processes, EAG can help. Let us be an extension of your research and development team.

Here are just a few of industrial goods EAG can assist with:

  • Automotive
  • Ceramics
  • Components
  • Construction
  • Energy
  • Equipment
  • Machinery
  • Manufacturing Equipment
  • Oil and Gas
  • Textiles
  • Tools
  • Pipes

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