Testing for technology innovators

How do I confirm the film thickness on my new device? How can I identify the particles on my wafer?
How can I investigate the chemistry in my new battery? EAG scientists and engineers answer myriad questions like these for technology innovators. Through multidisciplinary science, we help the world’s leading companies translate ideas into commercial realities, equipment and component manufacturers improve processes and products, and global electronics giants protect their brands.

Product Innovation & Improvement

EAG is at the forefront of microelectronic and materials testing for advanced technology and innovation. We support R&D, new product introductions and help sustain production. With test and analytical services, EAG helps clients integrate advanced technology and advanced materials into their new designs, new products and manufacturing processes. We enable R&D teams in product development for displays, sensors, high-speed communications, energy generation and storage, and consumer products.

EAG tests electronics and other high technology materials for surface characterization and more.

Investigation & Troubleshooting

When things don’t go as planned, it’s critical to have scientific expertise on your side. EAG has decades of experience investigating issues related to material identification, composition, structure and chemistry. Our scientists are experts at developing innovative approaches to address such needs as measurement of contaminants or dopants, impurity depth profiling, characterizing particles, investigating crystal structures, identifying unknown materials and understanding reliability. EAG’s engineering team also investigates electronic device failures using electrical characterization, test fault isolation tools and microscopy. Our scientists investigate materials and electrical failures using the widest range of specialized tools, depending on the specific issue, product or process at hand.

Quality Assurance

EAG Laboratories provides semiconductor, electronics and materials testing for all phases of the product lifecycle. We work with QA professionals to ensure process and component reliability, material purity and consistency, and to investigate and resolve contamination issues. Our electrical test engineers offer qualification plan design expertise, as well as environmental and electrical stress tests to best mitigate early product mortality and failure risk

Regulatory Compliance

EAG scientists help technology clients respond to the complex global regulatory environment with a broad array of testing. Our robust quality program includes ISO 9001 and ISO17025 certifications, in addition to DSCC registration. We are ITAR-compliant and fully compliant with relevant regulations.

Manufacturing & Supply Chain Support

EAG provides full-service support to integrated circuit companies, accelerating product time to market. This includes testing, debug and failure analysis, FIB circuit edit, ESD testing and reliability qualification. We also support solar, lighting, energy, consumer products and aerospace industries. Our analytical expertise streamlines R&D and resolves supply chain issues. We evaluate, test and compare the specialized high-tech materials early in the manufacturing process, preventing subsequent contamination of material processing at later stages of manufacturing.


EAG’s experience extends beyond the laboratory. We have a team of litigation experts who regularly assist clients with trial preparation, depositions and expert witness testimony. EAG scientists have extensive experience supporting cases involving intellectual property, product liability and insurance claims, as well as evaluating the scientific validity of academic publications, media reports and other claims for all types of client.

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