SIMS Analysis of Al and Ga Diffusion

Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS) is an analytical technique that detects
very low concentrations of dopants and impurities. It can provide elemental depth
profiles over a depth range from a few nanometers to tens of microns.

During fabrication process of GaN on silicon HEMT device, Al and Ga can diffuse into Si substrate. As p-type dopants in Si, Al and Ga can form parasitic conduction channel at Si interface region. Understanding and control of Al and Ga diffusion into Si is important in manufacturing high performance GaN/Si HEMT devices.

SIMS analysis from Si side has been used to study the diffusion of Al and Ga.

Sample preparation for SIMS analysis from Si side

Combined with parallel polishing, SIMS depth profile from Si side is a great tool to understand Al and Ga diffusion into Si for GaN/Si HEMT structure. If remaining Si thickness is greater than ~ 3 μm, sputtering induced roughness can results artificial tails at Si interface region.

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