Battery Analysis after Application / Use


In the dynamic world of batteries, issues can arise either due to manufacturing discrepancies or operational wear and tear. When a battery’s performance dwindles or, worse, it fails, it becomes imperative to discern the root cause to mitigate future instances. Eurofins EAG stands as a beacon of expertise in this realm, offering an array of specialized services that delve into battery diagnostics post-application.

Failure Analysis Techniques: The In-depth Investigation

A failed or underperforming battery is a culmination of multifaceted issues, each demanding unique analytical approaches. At Eurofins EAG, we have sculpted a suite of tools to facilitate this:

Battery Analysis after Application/Use
Battery Materials Analysis Techniques

Battery Disassembly: Methodically taking apart a battery, focusing on isolating specific components or materials that might be the culprits behind the diminished performance or failure.

Controlled Environment Operations: Batteries, especially post-use, can be highly sensitive to environmental factors. We house specialized facilities that prevent exposure to air or moisture, ensuring that samples remain uncorrupted.

Instrumental Analysis: Once isolated, these samples are transferred to our state-of-the-art analytical instruments, giving us a deep dive into their compositional and structural nuances.

lithium ion battery failure

Materials Characterization and Microscopy: Decoding the Minutiae

To uncover the mysteries behind a battery’s drop in performance or outright failure, one must dig deep. Eurofins EAG provides:

Materials Characterization: Analyzing the elemental and molecular makeup of battery components to ascertain any deviations or anomalies that might have emerged during the battery’s operational lifecycle.

Microscopy Techniques: Visualizing the intricate patterns, formations, and structures within the battery. This technique can unearth microscopic defects or changes that might be the harbingers of battery issues.

Eurofins EAG Laboratories is your partner for battery materials testing throughout the battery life cycle. From raw materials to product failures, we can provide the data needed to help you provide top quality and high-performance products to market faster.

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