Microelectronics Testing

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Ask the Expert: ATE Testing

ATE testing automates and streamlines the testing process of microelectronic devices by using specialized hardware and software to perform a wide range of functional tests under various conditions. Come learn more about ATE and what EAG can do for you.

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Ask the Expert: ESD

Damage caused by ESD is one of the primary failure mechanisms for integrated circuits. Testing susceptibility to ESD events is crucial in the success of electronic devices and is essential for the qualification process.

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Dye and Pry: BGA Dyed

Dye & Pry

Dye and Pry is an excellent way to inspect a large number of bonds (leads, solder ball, seals..) at one time

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Dye & Pry

Dye & Pry Webinar

In this webinar we introduce Dye and Pry that involves cleaning a sample to remove debris & flux around solder, then exposing it to a red dye.

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ESD Webinar

In this webinar we introduce electrostatic discharge (ESD) testing which is one of the failure mechanisms for integrated circuit parts

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laser decap

Laser Decap at EAG

Laser decap at EAG Laboratories includes our Failure Analysis Laser Inspection Tool, view our picture book of PC boards before and after.

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LED Analysis Brochure header

LED Analysis

LED characterization, from process control to failure analysis to construction analysis, EAG Laboratories supports your LED analysis needs.

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