Material Reliability and Characterization in Europe Webinar

In this webinar we introduce Accelerated Life Testing and Failure Analysis techniques at EAG Laboratories Eindhoven.

Nowadays, product designers and manufacturers are under huge pressure to cut costs. The choices they make are crucial for the lifetime of their products as the reliability of the products largely depends on the quality of the materials. A slight change in material or component selection may have far-reaching consequences. For some companies, it can be extremely costly and difficult to develop and maintain the required levels of knowledge in-house, which is where our approach can help.

EAG Laboratories Eindhoven based facility has the main advantage of combining materials investigation and reliability testing under one roof. The materials reliability lab can draw up and execute a Reliability Test plan, while the materials investigation laboratory can investigate the root cause (when needed even on a molecular scale).

In this webinar, some examples will be presented of the unique synergy of reliability and a materials analysis lab under one roof.

In this webinar we will cover:

  • Applicable stresses during lifetime
  • Different types of Reliability Testing Services
  • Reliability Data Analysis
  • Material Characterization
  • Material Solutions
  • Strengths and Limitations

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