How FIB Circuit Edit can help during chip manufacturing shortages

With analysts projecting a continued global chip shortage, doing a complete respin can add further pressure and excess delay to projects already pressured by semiconductor supply chain challenges.

FIB circuit edit provides the ability to quickly perform nano-surgury by cutting traces or adding metal connections at the chip level and is able to deliver these prototype changes quickly and cost effectively.

FIB Circuit Edit for reworked production lots

Recently we have seen an increase in use of this service to rework a large amount of chips that would previously been scrapped. This has proven to be very cost effective for our clients as it allows them to prevent having to delay shipments to their customers. This can help with critical early customer samples, downstream system tests and further debug efforts. This can help recapture some of the supply chain delay downtime and keep critical projects moving.

Pushing the limits of FIB Circuit Edits

EAG Laboratories has been able to assist our customers with Circuit Edits on geometries at the single digit nanometer scale and has helped many companies to allow for the ability to generate hundreds of edited samples for customer demonstrations, and continued development and engineering tests.

One Stop Shop

Contact EAG today to find out how we can be flexible in our offering to provide a strong integrated approach with failure analysis and debug tied to ATE test, reliability, ESD and materials characterizations

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