Laser Decap at EAG

Laser decapsulation uses a laser to remove the plastic encapsulant material away from a semiconductor device. Using the laser vaporizes the material instead of the tradition method of dissolving it using chemical.

This can reduce the risk of accidentally destroying the defect with corrosive chemicals. In addition, the  system can provide precise  decapsulation.

EAG can adjust the removal of epoxy mold compounds keeping the gold, silver, brass, or aluminum bonding wire undamaged silicon, GaAs, InP, and other compound semiconductor dies.

Laser decap at EAG Laboratories includes our Failure Analysis Laser Inspection Tool, view our picture book of PC boards before and after.

laser decap
Stitch bonds exposed by laser, PCB after laser exposed traces for probing and cutting
Good stitch bond top down, Slightly lifted stitch top down
Good stitch bond 45 degree tilt, Slightly lifted stitch bond 45 degree tilt
Broken stitch bond 45 degree tilt, Broken stitch bond top down

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