Ask the Expert: ESD

Presented June 21, 2023

During this live Ask the Expert event, we answered pre-submitted questions from our audience about ESD.

Damage caused by electrostatic discharge (ESD) is one of the primary failure mechanisms for integrated circuits. Testing susceptibility to ESD events is crucial in the success of electronic devices and is essential for the qualification process.

ESD testing is performed to evaluate the ability of packaged integrated circuits to withstand electrostatic discharges that may occur during manufacturing and assembly process, handling, or in a given application. This testing is used to both characterize the ESD protection structure design and to ensure that the device meets the ESD tolerance criteria against industry standard specification(s) or any custom specification required with rapid advancements in today’s technology, ESD protection is more challenging than ever before. EAG can help!

EAG laboratories is an industry leader in ESD testing and our highly experienced engineering team has years of real-world experience with the latest semiconductor technologies. We use the most up-to-date testing methodologies and industry specific standards. We also have in-house PCB Design to create custom ESD fixtures that provide a complete solution and can help you obtain timely results.  EAG’s in house ATE and Failure Analysis teams stands ready to support any post stress testing or ESD failure investigation.

Come learn more about ESD and what EAG can do for you. Are you new to the industry and just want to learn more? Do you have a product that needs ESD support? Do you simply want to develop a deeper understanding of ESD? If so, please join us for an intimate Q&A with our Eurofins EAG Laboratories experts. During this session, we will answer pre-submitted questions from our audience. If time runs out and all questions have not been answered, a follow-up email will be sent to all attendees with those answers. 

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  • Barry Fernelius
    ESD and Latch-up Manager
  • Bill Morrow
    ESD Manager
  • Aram Sarkissian
    VP Engineering Sciences

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