Microelectronic Component Product Qualification Webinar

My product works today. Will it work tomorrow?

Microelectronics are everywhere and we continue to add more and more electronic content to products that touch nearly every aspect of our lives. Now more than ever, it’s important to understand and consider component reliability aspects of the technology we depend on in this microelectronic age. Components such as microprocessors and sensors are the fundamental building blocks of our microelectronic world and as we integrate them into our mobile devices, our cars, and our entire infrastructure we need to make sure they work today and will continue to work tomorrow.

EAG has had decades of experience helping companies bring products to market by testing, evaluating and offering insight from early new product introduction, ramp to production and long term monitor and analytical support. With a large install base of test, reliability and failure analysis labs and wide range of technologies, industries and markets supported, come hear us share our experiences so we can collectively build a better tomorrow.

In this webinar we will cover:

  • Provide an overview of component level reliability
  • Introduce the standards and methodologies used to determine reliability
  • Discuss when, what and why testing is performed
  • Show examples of early mortality and failure
  • Give guidance on evaluating and responding to change
  • How to tie it all together

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